Philips CMND

Individual hotel TV solutions from LSP

with Philips CMND platform – from installation to daily operation



CMND & Check-In transform the hospitality experience by increasing both personalisation and efficiency. It comprises of surprise-and-delight touches like Name on TV and guest-language input. Plus messaging, bill on TV, express checkout, different channel packages and more.CMND & CONTROL puts you in control of all your Philips displays. The entire display series can be managed remotely from one central location. All integrated displays of the network can be selected via the dashboard. The user-friendly system management tool allows you to control the displays for, e.g. monitor status, parameter creation and cloning, system status, software updates, creation and publication of interactive pages, control and analysis of all your Philips displays and much more.

CMND simplifies networking and lowers the total cost of ownership. Whether you have two, a hundred or thousands of displays doesn’t matter!


LSP implements personalised, target group-specific or general information for your guests – in the design of your house.

With the clear plug & play interface and the pre-installed templates and integrated widgets, convincing content can be created quickly.

Whether with attractive welcome pages or targeted, scheduled stand/video content, for example, in the lobby, impress and convince your guests and potential advertising customers.


LSP simply manage the settings of all connected televisions and displays for you – including firmware updates.

  • Updating software and settings, also remotely
  • Control multiple ads in one place or single ads in multiple places
  • Real-time display monitoring and control
  • Manage display scheduling
  • Customize and Configure Digital Signage and LED Signage (Video Wall LED Display)
  • Management of RF and IPTV channels
  • Operation via HF coaxial (DVB-C) as well as via IP network (LAN)


Whether greeting the guest by name in his room or advertising events, promotions and city information directly or to specific rooms. With various other functions such as: personal message, bill inspection, express checkout, we turn your Philips television into a versatile, smart product.

CMND & CHECK-IN contributes to a considerable relief of the staff and your guests due to its versatility. In addition, you benefit from the cross-platform compatibility through Android – easy installation of different apps.

Netflix / Chromecast Built-In

The integrated Chromecast enables wireless transmission of films, presentations and more from the mobile device directly to Philips TVs with Android. Many devices also have NETFLIX directly on board.


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