RTLS – LSPtrak

LSPtrak Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) is an important component in modern facility management, enabling businesses to better track assets and personnel, improve workflow and deliver better safety and security while cutting costs and bolstering the bottom line.

Lsptrak provides a single interface for all data and administration features of RTLS, duress and Location Analytics. The LSPTRAK Portal modules include:

        • Dashboard — enables users to view nodes, staff and assets on the map (in a particular location) in real-time.
        • Analytics collects data via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Nodes (Guest TVs), presenting the information in customisable reports.
        • Beacons (Tags) — an administrator can add Tags by assigning them to either a person or an asset, as well as track and search their location in real-time.
        • Groups — enables grouping devices, locations or Tags when it is required for business use cases

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LSP is a guest and patient-facing technology innovator that connects solutions focused on a better end-to-end experience for guests, patients, employees, managers, owners, and partners.